Huerta del Valle


Celia Ramirez-Hernandez, Staff Writer

Ontario is a city where people can buy and eat organic food from Huerta del Valle community garden. Located here in Ontario, on Belmont and Campus, garden community members are able to fill out a form where they pledge to treat the earth right along with other members in the Huerta del Valle family. To become a part of the their community, filling out a form and paying 30 dollars per year is all that is required.

“To be here, you have to get your hands dirty and that’s that,” says Rogelio Ramirez, a Huerta del Valle member.

However, if you’re not willing to get your hands dirty, you can still support the garden by purchasing products from Huerta del Valle such as fruits and vegetables.


Huerta del Valle has become more and more recognized and has a second location in Jurupa Valley. In the near future, there will be a third location, also in Jurupa Valley.


This third location will be known as the ‘showdown’ due to its extensive size planned compared to the other two. On the large piece of donated land, members will be able to have one acre for their fruits and vegetables. The Huerta del Valle community is looking forward to making it the best they can.

“It’s incredible that more locations are being opened for an organic garden that will be for the community,” says Maria Alonso, who is the head of the members in the garden.


Not only is Huerta del Valle a garden, it’s also a place for people to come together for activities and lessons on fun things such as making ice cream with Huerta products.

Painting is also an option, so there are times when you paint murals or signs for each phase in the garden.


Last year, Huerta del Valle hosted its fifth anniversary with Aztec dances, food made with the garden’s products, and music.

“We couldn’t have done it without our volunteers, I mean, they are the core of this garden,” Alonso says.


People are encouraged to volunteer, especially younger people because it helps them get more involved in the community in which they live. Volunteers are found doing things from making baskets to sell to the community to painting murals to make the community garden more appealing to others.


Huerta del Valle hopes to be a safe place for people to come together and has the goal of  helping the community to work together to better the atmosphere in Ontario. The goal for Huerta del Valle is to have one garden in every mile in the city and to be a place where people can learn about different types of plants and healthy living.