Track and Field


Nathan Gonzales, Staff Writer

Transitioning into spring sports, track and field players begin to discuss their attitudes and strategies to improve from the previous season.

Junior, Vincent Arellanes, states: “My ultimate goal would be to pass my previous PR (personal record).” When asked what he thinks he can improve on, his response was “I need to work on keeping myself safe, while trying to eventually [go] back to what I was before being injured.”

    Another participant, Sophomore, Aileen Zavala, says “I hope to PR on 100 sprint and 200 sprint this year.”

Zavala explains, “I think I need to work on breathing while running, and collaborating more with teammates, especially during group relay and also to no longer underestimate myself.”

   There are always expectations and obstacles for this season, like always they overcome our obstacles in the end. With the plan to do something slightly different from the last year, they hope to be able to reach their goals and conquer the upcoming competitions.