Mrs. Cortez-Hernandez


Nicole Chavez, Staff Writer

It’s 7:30 a.m.; as the morning bell sounds, Christine Cortez Hernandez is in her office. Her day starts off with a free period where she tackles her Title One Advisor tasks, usually getting paperwork done or attending meetings. When second period comes around, Cortez is already in her classroom. For the next two periods, Mrs. Cortez teaches AVID. First, her Freshman Sisterhood class, followed by  her Junior class. Period four is Cortez’s prep period where she grades work, creates lesson plans, and prepares for her next two Honors World History periods.

Mrs. Cortez is relatively new to the realm of parenting, as she welcomed her daughter to the world not long ago. This is why creating a balance between family and work is essential. She has discovered how to use her calendar, time management, and organization skills to keep work and family separate.

It is not always smooth sailing. Cortez acknowledges that she faces certain obstacles such as her strong character. One thing she makes sure to remember is that everyone has different strengths. She believes it is her job to see and build upon these strengths.

While life as an educator is tough, Cortez loves it. She says that being able to know a student’s story and getting to be part of it is a unique experience. Mrs. Cortez notes that her favorite part of her job is being able to see growth and people realizing their full potential.