Scripps College Academy

Leilani Fu'Qua, Editor

The Scripps College Academy is a college preparatory program that helps low-income girls in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas gain accessibility to colleges and universities. Students apply during first semester of their sophomore year.

The application consists of personal information, financial information, and two essays whose prompts vary annually. For example, a 2017 essay consisted of questions regarding why education is important.

When admitted, the 50 chosen scholars spend two weeks living at Scripps College in Claremont, California. During those weeks, they read a seminar novel, attend lectures, write essays, and create a culminating project that connects the newfound information gained and an issue regarding society or a current event.

Those two weeks not only provide enriching experiences for the girls, but provide a platform to create lifelong friendships and connections with people who are outside of their local circle.

After the summer academy, Scripps offers book clubs, field trips, dance lessons, free ACT preparation courses, and a personal mentor for the student’s senior year.

The girls who attend this program are goal oriented and career driven, but also showcase their vibrant personalities when classes are not in session. During the summer academy, the program holds a Talent Show where students and staff alike show off their amazing talents, ranging from singing, comedy, spoken word, and dance excellence. The bonds created are unbreakable, and are further strengthened when programming continues in the fall.

The Academy offers dance classes, optional book clubs, field trips, and free ACT test preparation courses. Programming continues into senior year when the girls are assigned a Scripps College student to mentor them during the college application process.

Class of 2017 SCA Scholar Lexi Rodriguez says, “SCA was a life changing experience that not only empowered me, but provided me with college insight that I still use today as a 2nd year at UC Irvine.”

SCA scholars are among the tops of their high school classes and go on to the most prestigious universities in the country.

The program creates monumental change in the community by giving young women the opportunity to overcome any barriers through the power of access of education and resources they would otherwise be without.

Destiny Rosado, a current SCA scholar says, “I like that SCA provides us with helpful resources that we might not be able to get on our own.” She also encourages all sophomore girl to apply before March 8th. You can apply here.