Alexis Villegas: A Recovery Story

Noemi Chaves, Co-Editor in Chief

Soccer Team Captain Alexis Villegas, recently underwent ankle surgery which prevented him from participating in some pre-season games. Villegas is currently a top recruit for the University of Santa Barbara for soccer. Throughout his years on varsity he made a huge impact on the soccer team and it was really hard for his teammates to adjust while he was out this season.

“Coming back from an injury is the worst…It means you have to work 10 times harder than before, and still demonstrate leadership, even if you aren’t 100%,” states Villegas.

“He tells us everything we do wrong. He as a person [who] just [motivates] me, and I look up to him as a student athlete.” states varsity player Alex Macario.

For Alexis, being a student athlete and being injured was one of the hardest things for him to overcome due to his love and passion for the game.

“Not playing the sport you love and watching others enjoy it while being injured hurts more than the injury itself.” Villegas explains.

“Alexis really wants the best for our team, he always tells us how he wants us to develop as a team, as one. Without him it was hard not to have him on the field with us,” states varsity player Sergio Villarreal.

Villegas accomplished many achievements despite facing the hardship of his injury prior to the start of the season. During his final season he made 1st Team All League for the Mt. Baldy League overall. With the help of Villegas the varsity team was given the opportunity to compete in The California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section, better known as CIF.

“People will hurt, things will happen, but the best thing is you’ll always recover.” Villegas later expresses.