Ontario High School’s Change Over Time

Nicole Chavez, Staff Writer

Ontario High School’s theatre arts teacher, Ms. Larson has been part of Ontario’s staff for three years now and is excited for all of the years to come.

The greatest change Larson has noted since she first started working here are the auditorium renovations. Recently, the auditorium has gotten various upgrades such as having a new soundboard, lights, and seats installed. Ms. Larson has also seen the number of people that attend their shows increase over time. As the audience size and support has grown, so have the quality of drama’s shows.

Larson explains how great the energy of the audience uplifts them. She says, “I feel like the energy and support from our audiences really motivates and encourages us to become better than we are now.” Larson is now looking forward to being able to have more community outreach and support.

Ontario High School’s computer graphics teacher of 17 years, Mrs. Jones, recalls the biggest change was the money OHS received to build a new stadium, construct a new building, go through with campus renovations, and of course, upgrade the computer lab for her computer graphics class. She believes that the school’s greatest accomplishments are the students it produces.

In the near future, Jones is excited to see her students graduate with a better appreciation of the arts and hopes that they might go into a career in technology. Jones says that she loves this school because it is her home and the community makes it so much better.

Mr. Givens is an English teacher and coach who has been working at Ontario High School for 28 years. Givens currently coaches softball but has also coached baseball, football, and golf.

He feels the school’s most striking change from when he started working here is the student demographic and campus renovations. Givens remarks that the most significant change he has seen is staff growth and becoming very skilled in meeting the needs of every student who enters the gates of Ontario.

Witnessing OHS grow to become a more 21st-century establishment while getting ahead of the curve, especially in technology, is something which Givens looks forward to seeing in the future.

Givens notes that he loves Ontario High School because of the people here. Saying, “They are the reason I have such a joy to come here every day.”

Mrs. Beck, a Physical Education teacher of 34 years and Department Chairperson for physical education here at OHS states the greatest change she has seen in our school has been the physical additions and upgrades.

Constructing the new football stadium, fields, quad and building in place of old portable classrooms all contribute to the campus beautification that has occurred with time.

In her opinion, Ontario High being named the State Physical Education Program of the Year in 1995 and thus given the title of best physical education program in the entire state of California was the most significant accomplishment for OHS.

Another honorable mention was in 1991 when our baseball team became C.I.F. champions in Angel Stadium and were named the California State Team of the Year.

As for the future of OHS, Beck looks forward to seeing students continuously excel and grow in various subjects. Mrs. Beck loves Ontario. She says that her whole career has been at Ontario High School, and she even met her husband to whom she has been married for 30 years at OHS. Not only that, but many of the people she met at OHS have grown to become her lifelong friends.

She encourages her students to join her in saying, “I love OHS and will be a Jag for life!”