Spirit Wall


Alejando Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The Spirit Wall proudly displays a poster on the C Building at Ontario High School. The posters showcase the many events held here at Ontario, including sports, national holidays, and school activities. The Spirit Wall is official name for the location where the posters are displayed.

The Spirit Wall has showcased important events and sports in our school since 2016. It’s been around as long as the C Building. When asked when the idea for a poster wall was made, junior ASB member Andrew Perez said “it was when it [the C Building] was built. Ms. Muñoz thought the wall could use something.” It promotes student activities and helps to inform the students of the things that go on at OHS.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) paints the posters on the Spirit Wall, and occasionally this task requires after-school commitment. The posters have to be timely and always have to do with a nearby time or event. For example, this month’s poster w
ill feature Black History Month.

If ASB wants to make a poster for a specific sport, they ask the team about any events they have going on, and then they make a poster for it. On the day of the event, “We [ASB] put it up that day, and we add the players names,” according to Perez. If the team doesn’t have a game to play, ASB can also make a poster to showcase the team.

ASB also thinks of the posters for non-sport related events.Perez said, “With other events, we just brainstorm.”


Making the posters is no small challenge. The students of ASB work weekly and after school in order to sketch, paint, and hang these for our pleasure.