Ontario Art Work/Loft Tour


Hillary Nguyen , Staff Writer

Four times a year, at the Emporia Arts District, people of all ages can attend a free art walk accompanied by music, food, and artisanal goods. During each season there will be a day where people can come and attend. As of this year there will be three coming up, one on May 18th, August 17th, and on November 16th. This art walk is located at 211-223 West Emporia Street 119 Transit Street in Ontario, California. For students looking for a place to find themselves or find something to connect with, the art at the Ontario art walk is the place to to find that.  

The city of Ontario has made it its job to promote art and help local artists teach others about skills and different cultural aspects.

For an artist to participate in the event, they must fill out an application and follow requirements. Some of the requirements include fees, a short biography, and at least five pieces of personal art that will be displayed.