Goodbye Ms. Beck

Nicole Chavez, Editor

35 years ago, Brenda Beck began working at Ontario High School. Starting off as a student teacher, Beck grew as she learned through experience. She says that the PE Department and staff here in general are like family to her. Ms. Beck particularly enjoys working with incoming freshmen students, stating,

“There’s enough little kid still in them that I can do things like chariot races on blankets and they’ll be cracking up laughing”. 

Ms. Beck has the honor of working with handicapped students. Ms. Beck helps host a special needs prom every year at OHS where special needs kids from all over the district come to Ontario and have a good time; Beck says that having the opportunity to do this for 15 years is amazing and always the highlight of her year.

Beck hopes that the one takeaway her students gain from her is to not sell themselves short. She knows that somebody can come in and be scared and shy as a freshman, then come out their senior year as a completely different person that’s grown in their self-confidence and drive, ready to conquer the world. 

Although every year she has had the opportunity to switch out of OHS and into another school, Ms. Beck had never considered it, stating,

 “The people that I interact with, my students, the love for what I teach. It’s a passion of mine, I love playing. Here at my job, I get to play every day, then when you add the fact that I’m surrounded by good people here every day at Ontario like my colleagues, there’s love”. This love for her career has kept her here Ontario High School for 35 glorious years, and although she is retiring, Beck reassures everyone that this does not mean she won’t come back to visit, as she says “This is my home away from home, I’m a Jag for life”.