The Passing of Juice Wrld

Alyssa Davila, Staff Writer

American rapper Jarad Anthony Higgins, known professionally as “Juice Wrld,” passed away on December 8, 2019 due to a seizure. It took a toll on family, friends, and fans. He had inspired so many people around the globe to live lives with purpose.

“I didn’t really listen to his music but when I did it made me feel better, his music influenced many people as well as me to continue the situation.” stated Lesly Lopez, a sophomore here at Ontario High School. She feels comforted when listening to Juice Wrld’s music knowing that others can understand what she’s going through.

Some students express their feelings with music which is why Juice Wrld meant a lot to them. Isabella Caudillo, a sophomore at Ontario High School said, “He had gotten me out of a dark place[s] in my life … He was my inspiration to keep thriving in life, to continue even if times are tough,” stated Caudillo. She has dealt with low points in her life where she was having trouble coping with her low spirits.

She also states, “his music really had an influence on me because he reminded me that I have self worth.” She felt like she couldn’t understand what her self worth was prior to this.

 “I was upset when I found out he had died because he had so much ahead of him,” Lopez also stated. He was coming out with new music that his fans were looking forward to, but knowing that they won’t be able to listen to it is heartbreaking. 

Juice Wrld’s story, while tragic, can be seen as a valuable lesson about use of substances in both the hip hop industry as well as in teenagers. Nowadays, the usage of drugs has become a lot more normalized within our culture. A major downfall of this, however, is that the possible effects of excessive drug usage aren’t talked about. An example of this can be seen through the fact that Juice Wrld died due to a drug induced seizure.  In fact, substance use hasn’t been an uncommon cause of death among hip hop artists for several decades. These stories should be taken as lessons by youth that substance use is still a dangerous activity that can have some terrible, and even fatal, effects.

“I think his music did leave an impact on hip hop culture because so many people liked him for many reasons, he helped a lot of people when they were feeling down in life, he impacted people to live life to the fullest”, expressed Lopez.

Caudillo also proclaimed, “his passing was very upsetting, but I now know he’s in a better place. It’s hard to hear that one of your favorite artists has passed, but it’s good to know that people are still honoring him.”