The Young Americans

Emily Peralta, Editor

For the fourth year in a row, Ontario High School has held a workshop with the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts located in Corona, California. It is a group of forty young adults who go to different high schools around the world to promote and share the love of music, dance, performance, academic education, and cultural interaction. This year the workshop took place from January 10th to the 12th. Three days in which students learn an entire show while learning many new things about the world of performing arts. This yearly event was started by our very own choir teacher, Mrs. Krauss.

Although the first year was a bit rough with getting students to participate, as the years have gone by more and more students participate in it. After the initial three days, students fell in love with it. Krauss said, “They don’t know what it is but once they do they say ‘I want to do this every year.’” Choir students are required to do this and fundraising is done in order to cover the cost fee of forty dollars. However, anyone can participate in this event. Students who can’t fit performing arts into their schedule, but would love to participate in this great, intense and fun three day workshop can. YA’s make you shine in where you do the best. Dancers will dance and singers will sing. The Young American Workshop is truly like none other. 

  “So the workshop is not just about singing, dancing, and acting but it’s about learning how to appreciate the beauty in each other, how to appreciate the beauty in yourself and how to be confident on stage even if you may not be perfect at the number that you are about to do but having the self-confidence”

Krauss stated this with not only the experience of a choir teacher but from being a former YA herself. From seventh to twelfth grade Mrs. Krauss took different workshops with the Young Americans. The number of workshops she did let her know that she had a future career in the performing arts. With a high 4.17 GPA out of high school, she did not apply to any colleges or universities. She knew that she had to become a Young American. Krauss spent three years as a performer but is still currently involved with them as a teacher and through this workshop.

When she started as a YA Krauss had high hopes of having a career as a Broadway performer but as time went by she slowly realized it wasn’t just the singing and performing parts that she loved but also the teaching part. “I became a YA because I thought I wanted to hone my craft as a performer but then ended up falling in love with being a teacher.”

Her experience as a Young American was amazing. Krauss traveled to thirty-two states, seven different countries, all while doing her favorite things: performing and teaching. The experience also wasn’t just that of a tourist but YA’s lived the culture through staying in people’s homes. 

Mrs. Krauss highly recommends participating in this workshop and thinking of becoming a YA. Being a YA is an experience like none other you perform, teach, and earn world experiences. You travel to new places and meet new, different people through the students and other YA’s.

The Independent/Matt Dixon
The Young Americans cast member and Northwest graduate Hannah Gonnerman dances during a music performance workshop hosted by The Young Americans at the Heartland Events Center.