Farewell Cortez Hernandez

Natalia Galvan, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 school year will
be Mrs. Cortez Hernandez’ last year teaching at
Ontario High School. She teaches Honors World
History for sophomores, as well as AP Human
Geography and AVID for freshman, spending a
decade at OHS, and twelve years with the district.
Her new position will be as an induction
mentor coach, and she will be working from the
district office.

“That means I am supporting new teach-
ers who are gonna need help in the classroom,

and ultimately helping them clear their credential.
I’ll be a coach, a mentor to the teachers essentially
in a nutshell,” describes Mrs.Cortez Hernandez.
Staff Writer

“When I was a new teacher in this dis-
trict, I was part of this induction program, and

I had some amazing coaches and mentors who
really supported me and very much helped me
survive my first years teaching, so I want to pay
it forward.”
The students are what Mrs.Cortez
Hernandez will miss most. She stated, “Having
that student-teacher relationship is so special.
It’s pretty much the main reason that keeps me
motivated to keep teaching, is seeing students
grow, seeing students learn, getting to know
students their stories… I am absolutely going
to miss the students.”