Free Wifi at OHS

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Ontario High School students are now able to use the school’s wifi for free! To gain, access students will use their long ID for the username and short ID for the password. Upon enabling this privilege, administrators hope to help students on their road to success by providing a tool that may be used for learning purposes, but should the staff members be concerned about students taking advantage of the opportunity? Will some students use it to be on social media during class or will they use it for learning purposes?

According to Mr.Zaldivar, he’s fully aware of both disadvantages and advantages, but hopes that this privilege is used responsibly. “The idea behind enabling wifi is to allow students to have easy access to information during class, and for other learning purposes, also to guide students on how to use it responsibly,” said Zaldivar.

Wifi accessibility may be seen as a great opportunity for some, while others see it as a great distraction. Sophomore Alex Carrillo said, “It’s more of a distraction for students because kids will be on their phone all the time,” Senior Lizz Lopez, finds it to be a helpful tool for students in their learning. As for how students will go about the opportunity, it’s up to them to decide how to use the privilege given to them.