Portable City Gridlock

Portable City Gridlock

Many students are having a difficult time getting to class on time because of the big cluster of students in front of the student store. According to senior Carina Ayala, one factor causing the traffic is the railings in front of the student store. She said, “They should remove the railing because it takes up a lot of space and no one really makes a line in front of the store.”

Another factor students say causes the traffic jam, is when a group of students stop in the middle of the crowd and begin to talk with others. It limits the space students have to walk, making them late to class. In some cases, when they’re walking through the chaos, they can get pushed because other students try to get through quickly.

Many students and staff continue to feel frustrated because they are not able to get to class on time.

Most teachers are trying to be understanding about the congestion. Mr. Souseley, Math and Avid teacher, says he understands the struggle students are having in that particular hallway, but expressed that “The benefit of the new building is worth the struggle of being in that crowded hallway by the student store.” Social Science and Avid teacher, Mrs. Cortez-Hernandez, however, does not see this as an obstacle as she believes students have the capability of getting to class on time. “6 minutes to walk across this campus is doable; some kids can run a mile in 6 minutes and we’re young healthy people, so I believe students can get to class on time.”

While some students may disagree and see this particular hallway as an obstacle, we only have to wait a while longer before the new building opens and the struggle will have been worth the wait.