Pouring out the New Drink Contract


The CJUHSD assistant principals have talked for a couple of years about setting up contracts with beverage companies on campus.

The reason that the contract with Coca-Cola disappointed many students, they knew a change was necessary. As soon as the terms with Coca-Cola ended, the school district signed a new contract with 7-Up.

CJUHSD saw their chance to sign a new contract which was originally written in May. Although it did not start until August 4.

The contract was signed with the help of our assistant principals, our student store managers and superintendents from our school district. Unlike last year, sodas will not be sold during school hours.

Now there are more popular drinks sold throughout our school districts that students will enjoy. Another launch for this new contract will be a special ‘free sample event’ taking place at OHS on the 3rd of September.