They Meet Again



Our principal Mr. Zaldivar, and history teacher, Mr.Johnson, first met each other at Etiwanda High School trying out for the freshman basketball team. They eventually went on to be part of the first graduating class at Rancho Cucamonga High School in 1994.

For the first two years of high school, Mr.Zaldivar and Mr.Johnson attended classes at Etiwanda. They then were transferred to Rancho Cucamonga High School for junior and senior year.

They became close teammates and good friends. They were not only involved in basketball, but also played baseball and football together. They were both competitive and co-captains of their basketball team, both recalled an event that had to do with involving their time as co-captains.

“During one summer we had to run a lot because we were co-captains and we were late. Our coach was very unhappy, so he talked to us and said, ‘Look, you guys are the captains’ said Zaldivar. As captains they had to set an example but that day they had to pay the consequences for it.

Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, reminisced about the racial tension in the school. He said “The principal invited us to have a round table summit and it was definitely a chance to impact that [racial tension] and interact with other members at the school to help.” The principal had invited leaders of the school to figure out what was happening and see what could be done to improve the environment on campus.

Mr. Johnson also said that the funniest thing about Mr. Zaldivar was that he would ride a little motor scooter and had a red baseball helmet. Mr.Zaldivar had a regular helmet, but if there was a passenger, they would wear the little red baseball helmet. Mr. Zaldivar also recalled that Mr. Johnson had a different style in high school. Mr.Johnson said he considered himself  a hippie and he had a high top, wore lot of beads and polk-a-dotted clothes. And who would have thought that they would meet again on a different high school campus?