The new club Link Crew has been helping freshmen during the 2014-2015 school year.  “Link crew is a freshman mentor program where juniors and seniors get linked up with ten freshmen,” said Co-director Mrs.Veldman

The week before school started, Link Crew members were trained to assist the incoming freshmen on orientation day.

“We trained them on activities kind of to orient freshmen to our school, activities like skill building or just team-bonding activities. Those link leaders took those activities that we did on those two days back to orientation.” said Ms.Potter, Link Crew advisor.

Link Crew has hosted a popsicle party and talking to the freshmen about their first week of high school.

“Since I constantly see my freshmen I always tell them to not talk in class and pay attention, because if they don’t, they’re gonna regret it later on in the future.” said Link Crew Junior Alex Pierre.

Link Crew senior Monserrat Lopez states she helps her freshmen “by meeting up with students to answer any questions they have and guide them.” Thanks to the Link Crew members’ assistance, Ontario High’s freshmen have been able to adapt well to our school.