Club Names Demystified

Every year we have club rush, this annual event always sparks the same question: “What does your club do?”  This question is asked about many clubs including The Dream Team, Earth club, and Key club.

The Dream Team is a club based on of the Idea of helping the Special Education students reach their dreams. President Michelle Rivera said “Last year was focused more on fundraising because it was a new club; this year is more about making their dreams come true.”  The Dream Team’s current mission is helping Melissa go on her first horseback riding adventure!

Another group on campus that is questioned about its name is Earth club. According to President Christopher Nunez, Earth club is an environmentalist group about recycling and tree hugging. They take a few trips during the school year to clean up beaches and recycle.

Key Club is by far the most questioned. They are barraged with the question, “Do they make keys?” Key club is a community service group that goes out of school on the weekends to help out with raising money for certain charities. This is a national Club and each high school area needs to put in a certain number of hours, a similar club is the NHS. No, they do not make keys by the way.