Boundaries on Music during School Hours


The parameters on what music is appropriate to be played in for certain organizations, including ASB, have been strictly regulated to fit the appropriate educational environment. ASB developed the idea of playing music for students’ daily lunchtime entertainment.

Many people here on campus believe that the music being played is not appropriate for the students. “The type of music we play is always a topic of discussion” stated Mrs. Muñoz.  The ASB team and Mrs. Muñoz developed a productive way to deliver school appropriate music to the students. It all starts at the beginning of the year when Mrs. Muñoz offers the positions of commissioners and whoever asks or applies for it, gets it. The commissioner for the 2014-2015 school year is Michael Sanders.

The way music is chosen is that Mrs. Muñoz leaves it up to her commissioners to pick songs that are popular now. The difficult part of this is that all the music has to be edited to fit the school environment.  “I have to trust my students playing music because I cannot be there 24/7.” says Muñoz. Most of the music played comes from the NOW That’s What I Call Music! CD’s, which saves up a lot of time for the commissioners because all the music is already edited to G rated.

The commissioners are in the process of trying to make lunchtime music available for students every Friday.