The Marine Amusement Park SeaWorld

The Marine Amusement Park SeaWorld

SeaWorld is being criticized for mistreating their marine animals and also drugging them with psychoactive drugs. Allegations indicate that marine animals are being abused and forced to do tricks while sick

The orcas tanks are so small that they can’t dive deep enough to escape the sun’s rays. Trainers now have to put black zinc oxide on the orcas because they are always in the sun and are getting sunburned. They are now trying to make the orcas’ pool’s larger. Their new pools will measure 350 feet. That might seem quite big to humans, but to these orcas, it is nothing but a kiddie pool. Orcas that are in their native ocean homes swim up to 100 miles a day. That means that the orcas must swim 1,500 laps around their new pool. Wild orcas dive up to 1,000 feet, however their new pools will only be 50 feet deep.

This has all been documented in the movie Blackfish. This documentary shows many secrets that SeaWorld was hiding, including the many deaths of their trainers, such as Dawn Brancheau, who was one of their best.  “She was scrambling to get out. I saw her kicking and reaching to get out. The SeaWorld attendant had not yet said anything and I was getting concerned because I knew that the whale was about to kill her.” said eyewitness Jessica Wilder.

After the release of the movie, people were devastated. The movie has brought to light the impact of parks like SeaWorld on animals.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have brought forward several complaints concerning SeaWorld’s mistreatment of marine animals. With all that they have seen and reported, they believe that the all marine animals should be set free to the wild.