The White House Intruder


Rodolfo Varela, Staff Writer

On September 21st 2014, an unknown intruder broke through the White House boundaries and managed to make his way inside the establishment. Because of this serious incident, the Secret Service is now questioning their levels of security.

The intruder was later identified as Omar Gonzalez a 42 year old Iraq war veteran that served 3 tours. It was reported that he wanted to talk to the president directly, though he was carrying a knife into the White House. Luckily, President Obama and his family had left only minutes before the intrusion, although other families and people were still inside.

The following day, a young man named Kevin Carr drove his vehicle into a White House complex entrance, this happened when he refused to stop after a Secret Service agent ordered him to do so. He was peacefully arrested because he had no weapons on him, nor did the car he that was driving have any sort of illegal items.

Julia Pierson, the head of directory of the Secret Service, resigned due to the poor handling of the fence jumping incident. It was announced that Homeland Security was going to take over an internal inquiry of the Secret Service and of White House security.