10,000 Kids and Counting

Marisol Sabra, Staff Writer

Richard Vargas has been a counselor here at Ontario High School for 34 years! “I have good years and I have great years but I have never had a bad year,” says Mr. Vargas.  “You can never get bored with a job like mine.”

Vargas’s favorite thing about his job is being able to help at risk students get on track, watching them improve, and seeing them eventually succeed. “I enjoy the challenge,” he claims.

45 years ago, Vargas was serving in the Marine Corps, serving his country and fighting in Vietnam. He says the experience was life-changing and eye opening. After serving for 2 ½ years, Vargas went on to study at both UCR and CSUSB.

Before settling down as a counselor, Vargas had many other jobs; including a Custodian, a field worker, a cook, and “a couple more odd jobs.”

He began his passion for helping students and University of La Verne. There, he taught night school and occasionally on weekends.

On his free time, Vargas likes to relax and spend time with his grandkids. “My grandkids are my life,” he explains.

If Mr. Vargas could give one piece of advice to every student, it would be: “Be a student.” He means go to school, listen, do your work, study, and graduate. Do everything you must to be successful.


Mr. Vargas Fun Facts

  • Favorite ice cream flavor? Toffee
  • Spirit Animal? Jaguar
  • Where would you go in a time machine? I’d revisit my grandparents
  • Apple or Android? “I just got a cell phone last October. I don’t care about that stuff.”