Vanessa Gomez, Staff Writer

For those of you that do not know her, Ms. Montoya is one of the chemistry teachers here at Ontario High School. She is best known for her “Funny Friday” jokes and her interesting lab experiments. She is many students’ favorite teacher and her class becomes their favorite part of the day.

Adrian Torres, Junior, said that the reason he looked forward to getting to her class every day was that, “She made the class fun with her jokes and the way chemistry became interactive with labs and the varying exercises.”

When asked about what her original inspiration for becoming a teacher was she said, “When I was looking into possible career choices I noticed that teachers have every holiday off… what other job gives you two and a half months in the summer?” Then, once she got into the classroom she realized how much fun teaching is.

Her students are the reason she has come to love her job so much. “I think I have some of the best students ever” said Montoya. She loves every single one of her students and she has never had a student she was not to fond of. She even loves the ones that give her a hard time because she knows that there is a ray of sunshine in them that will eventually come out.

Her classroom is filled with great learning experiences and funny jokes. Any student can fall in love with her class, even if chemistry is not their favorite subject.