Look Out!

Sheyla Barajas, Staff Writer

Palmetto Avenue is a street students at Ontario High School use to walk home or go to places like In-N-Out or Little Caesars. But do you know how dangerous it really is? There is no crosswalk for students to use to get from one side of Palmetto Avenue to the other side. People have to jaywalk to get across.

On Palmetto Avenue there are many obstacles that people must avoid. From avoiding the cars that stop that don’t stop for you to cross the street to avoiding the big puddles that from when it rains in the winter. This has lead to a few accidents.

There have been a few incidents on this street with people walking down the street and almost getting hit by the cars. Also people try and avoid the big puddles while jaywalking but slip and almost get hit by the cars passing by.

“I’m concerned that someone might get hit by a car. And I think they should really put a crosswalk there for us.” Says John Bradshaw, a Freshman on the cross country team.

We have no stop sign or crosswalk on this street so no cars stop for students to get across. Look both ways before you try and jaywalk across Palmetto Avenue. You never know what could happen without a crosswalk or stop sign to help you get across.