Young Driver Accidents

Young Driver Accidents

Kathy Martinez , Staff Writer

In the U.S., motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of deaths for teens. According to Centers for Disease Control Prevention, 2,650 teens in the United States of ages 16 to 19 were killed in 2011 in auto-related accidents, while 292,000 were treated in emergency departments.

55% of teens who died in 2012, either driving or as a passenger, were not wearing seatbelts, making them a major factor that leads to motor vehicle injuries and death. In fact, research shows that wearing seatbelts reduces injures and death by 50%.

According to Edgar Snyder & Associates, 32.8% of high school students nationwide have texted or e-mailed while driving, while 12% of distracted drivers involved in fatal car accidents were teens ages 15 to 19.

Nighttime driving, distracted driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving and driving inexperienced are also leading causes of young driver accidents.

Being aware of these causes can make a difference in decreasing the number of injuries and death for teen drivers.