Not a Typical Friday

Not a Typical Friday

Lynh Nguyen, Editor

As November comes near, one of the biggest sales days is around the corner — Black Friday. Black Friday is a day meant for shoppers to go out and buy items such as clothes, electronics, and toys for lower prices. Its original intent was to give people an opportunity to start their Christmas shopping. It was after the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade back in 1924 when Black Friday became the start of the unofficial shopping season.

Black Friday is a popular day as it benefits both the consumer and the retailer. Many retailers make the most profit one day out of the year, as people wipe out a large portion of the store by the end of the day. Large retailers such as Macy’s and JCPenney open up their stores as early as 12 am on Black Friday, fully prepared for the large number of customers.

Consumers benefit since they no longer have to do last minute Christmas shopping and can make purchases at rock-bottom prices.

Many shoppers get eager and anxious about this crazy sale day. In some cases, people spend their week camping outside of stores and waiting in long lines for the sales to happen. Others would be willing to wake up as early as 12 am or earlier to go shopping.

Take advantage of Black Friday because these sales only come once a year. It is a great opportunity if you are a shopaholic looking for cheap items!