Shared Opinions About Dress Code

Moises Garcia, Staff Writer

Students have always either loathed, praised, or were indifferent about the dress codes here at Ontario High School.

Research has shown that uniform policies result in a decrease of violence. It also enforces discipline and helps students accomplish their academic goals. In addition, a dress code provides students with a positive, educational environment.

For example, limiting gang related clothing helps students feel safe and, in many cases, limits peer pressure.  “…it keeps people from being bullied [due to] their clothes…” said Nathaniel Zuniga (Freshman)
There are also cases where students get distracted from learning when the clothing of peers is too revealing. A dress code reframes students focus from people homework. “The way someone dresses does affect your grades because, for example …if a girl dresses …like she is always showing her body, that could affect a guy’s grade because he is distracted and isn’t paying attention in class.[In addition] if a guy dresses [by] showing his muscles…a girl gets distracted and isn’t paying attention. I am for uniform policy because if there wasn’t any rules then there would be people that would take advantage of how they dress.” by Freshman Kimberly Aguirre

However, there are negative aspects of dress codes. Some people argue that a dress code will suppress students’ voices since it limits their level of creativity. Freshman Daniel Soto says, “It does limit their creativity, a person wants to be who they are and what they are. Not having a dress code lets students express themselves on how they feel….”