Boys Have Feelings too

Aryana Carino and Daniel Vergara

Men are taught from an early age that they need to be strong, confident and stoic, but just like girls they can be insecure, emotional, sensitive, etc. Boys tend to conceal their emotions because they fear being mocked by other males for showing their feminine side. Most people do not notice that boys can be mentally hurt or sick just like girls. Mental illnesses, like Depression and bipolar disease can affect anyone.

They should not be expected to “man up” when they are dealing with emotional troubles. It is potentially dangerous to dismiss anyone’s feelings or make them ashamed about expressing themselves. Society should be reminded or take more notice of boys’ feelings.

An anonymous sophomore, said, “We feel the same things girls do; we just don’t see a point in talking about them since it doesn’t really accomplish anything.” He continues to say, “[However,] I don’t think all boys hide their emotions, I know of a lot that have no problem talking about how they feel.”

We are all human and experience the same emotions. It has everything to do with the personality of the person in question.