Commit to staying fit


Kathy Martinez, Staff Writer

With upcoming holidays that usually include large meals such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, it raises the question: How do athletes stay in shape?

According to freshman Julie Quezada, who plays basketball, volleyball and softball at OHS, “It’s really important [to stay fit] because it helps me do more.” She states that she does stay fit during the break by making sure to eat plenty of healthy snacks and water.

Sophomore Bryant Mejia, soccer player, who celebrates these feast-beast holidays, says that he makes sure not to supersize his meals; if he does, he works out afterwards. Bryant agrees that staying fit is highly important to stay in good condition for his sport.

For athletes, a roasted turkey with a giant bowl of mashed potatoes is not the only importance in their minds. Once break concludes, they are in the game, and gravy will not stop their grind.