The Ebola Virus Disease


Esmeralda Adame, Staff Writer

The Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa has been a serious issue, yet many do not know much about it.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Ebola is a deadly disease caused by an infection with one of the Ebola virus strains. It is important to be aware that this disease can only spread by people who are diagnosed as sick.

An Ebola patient may become sick 2 to 21 days after exposure and begin showing symptoms, such as( but not limited to) fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding and/or bruising, muscle pain, and lack of appetite.

There is no FDA-approved vaccine available for Ebola, but there are experimental vaccines and treatments for Ebola that are being developed. Since treatment options pose challenges, it is important to take precaution when in a high risk situation.

The CDC has issued a warning, level 3 travel notice for U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. An alert, level 2 travel notice has been issued for travelers to Mali. For more information on Ebola visit, .