Changes for the SAT


Alicia Govea , Staff Writer

For years, the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) has earned the reputation for being a rigorous exam, but is the redesigned SAT, scheduled for release in 2016 easier?

The redesigned SAT testing time is three hours and 50 minutes, five minutes longer than the current SAT. The time allotted for each section has also been adjusted: 65 minutes for reading, 35 for writing and language, 50 for the essay component, and 80 for mathematics. On the current SAT test 70 are allotted minutes for critical reading, 60 for writing, 25 for the essay component, and 70 for mathematics.

The current SAT’s components of critical reading, writing, mathematics, and the essay, have been altered to the order of evidence-based reading and writing, math, and the essay — which is now optional. According to the College Board, the optional essay will also be given at the end of the SAT and will not only test reading and writing skills, but analysis skills as well.

Students will also be scored on a new scale of 400-1600, and essay scores are separate. Scoring on questions, too, has been affected. The redesigned SAT will have no point deduction for incorrect answers or omitted questions; one point will still be given to questions that are answered correctly.

According to the College Board ( less than half the students who take the SAT are college ready. The goal of revamping this common and assessment support college readiness

These adjustments to improve the SAT as an effective exam will be available for the students to evaluate in 2016.