Pay for Defense


Vanessa Gomez

Professional athletes around the country make more money than the men and women that wake up every morning to defend the very ground we stand on. Why is it that society places more importance on professional athletes than on the men and women who dedicate their lives to fighting for their country?

According to the website, the highest ranked member of the military could earn an annual salary of about 150K; while, according to , the highest annual salary of a professional athlete is about 73.5M.

The difference in pay is just as big as the difference in jobs. Athletes train to defend a ball from their opponents, simply trying to score. Members of the military train to defend a country that their opponents wish to destroy. Both careers involve years of rough and rigorous training, but only one can send you home in a box.

Call me old fashioned, but a man defending his country should earn more than a man defending a score.