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Fatal Friday

Erik Ortiz, Staff Writer

November 7, 2016

Midnight after Thanksgiving, the commencement of Christmas shopping here in the United States, is a 24-hour period known as Black Friday. Unfortunately, presented with irresistible offers, many people lose their sense of humanity...

Original Ontario: IOOF

David Dang & Orlando Mayorquin, Editors

November 7, 2016

“Every good fellow be an odd fellow”. Like the mysterious Freemasons, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows or IOOF is another secret society that exists in Ontario and, as such, have their very own lodge. Located on 112...

To meme or not to meme

Pamela Carlin & Raymond Godina, Staff Writers

November 7, 2016

Memes are something most people don't know much about. Other than making people laugh. These types of ideas are Memes, a behavior or style that spreads from person to person, they are captioned photos or videos that are intended...

Veterans Day

Selene Espinosa, Staff Writer

November 7, 2016

World War 1, “The Great War,” ended at the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, and more than 38 million people were killed, wounded, or missing. Eddie Ahumada, a veteran, chose to join the military because...

A fear of clowns may manifest in young children just learning to recognize human features. Clowns possess abnormally large noses, ears, hands and feet.

The Clowns are in Town

November 7, 2016

Ben & Jerry’s Black Lives Matter

Valerie Sanchez-Cervera, Editor

November 6, 2016

Although many corporations and businesses choose to remain neutral in political and social issues, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, company founders of a Vermont-based ice cream parlor chain, Ben & Jerry’s, have history...

Jags Left the Den

Karina Carabez, Staff writer

November 12, 2015

Ontario High School and Chaffey High School have collaborated in the past three years for an event known as the Catwalk, is a charity walk that takes place in Ontario. In the past, Catwalk participants from OHS followed a planned...

Euclid Elementary School

Orlando Mayorquin, Staff Writer

November 10, 2015

Euclid Elementary School resonates with nearly every Ontarian. This has been the case for almost a century now, as the school has been a staple in the community since the day it was founded. The school was founded at 1120 South Euclid ...

The Power of Literature

The Power of Literature

November 9, 2015

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