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Lynh Nguyen
Hi, I’m Lynh Nguyen, a new senior in Journalism. Outside of journalism, I’m an AP student with many extracurricular activities including band, Key Club, Acadeca, and etc. According to most of my friends, I am an extremely awkward and silly person. I have a passion for music, which I hope will still be part of me in the future. My favorite color is burgundy and gray. My favorite food would be anything that consists of potatoes. I love bunnies because they’re like the cutest animals out there. When I’m not crying and complaining about school and homework, I spend a lot of time on my laptop youtubing and tumblring. I may seem anti-social and quiet, but that is only because I prefer people conversing with me first.
Fun Fact: This past summer, I was part of a group known as Pacific Crest who traveled around the country performing in many different stadiums including Mile High Stadium, Alamodome, Lucas Oil Stadium, and etc, for an activity known as Drum Corps International.

Lynh Nguyen, Editor

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