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Moises Garcia
My name is Moises Garcia, but you can call Bread. ;) “Why are you called Bread?” you ask, the world may never know. I have promised many many people I will reveal the meaning to my name the day of my graduation, but I probably won’t. I am a sophomore and apart of the jagwire. I am not really sure what my hobbies are. As long as I am with friends, I am happy :) So I guess my hobby is doing anything and going anywhere with friends! I am a very outgoing person, and I would see myself as an optimistic individual. I try very hard to please everyone and help in any way I can. A lot of my taste of music is from either alternative metal or Pop, I enjoy all different genres of music. My favorite band to listen to is Linkin Park or (one of my new favorite bands) Twenty One Pilots. Well, I’m out of ideas of what to write about so this will conclude my bio. Don’t be afraid to give me a little “Hey” whenever you see me :D

Moises Garcia, Staff writer

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Moises Garcia